K&F Show #109: A Lifetime of Stunts with The Great Jack Gill: Jumping the General Lee Through a Barn and Jumping Over the General with KITT!

As we previewed last week, this show marks the public release of our feature interview with Hollywood stunt legend Jack Gill! Did you know that he and John Schneider knew each other – in high school? Did you know that prior to becoming a stuntman he was a motorcycle racer – and thought he would one day own a motorcycle shop? As crazy as it seems, he found his way into stunt work and became a part of some of the most legendary automotive productions ever made. Listen in as he tells the stories of Dukes, Knight Rider, Fast and Furious, and more!! The full un-cut version of Jack’s interview is 50 minutes long on it’s own and available to our Patreon audience as well! Links for that are below.

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