K&F Show #45: Uncle Boss – S3 Episode 6 of The Dukes of Hazzard!

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Dukes Review: Remember Huey Hogg, Boss Hogg’s nephew that filled in for Rosco in Season 2 while he was “at the police academy” (i.e. when James Best was in a contract dispute)? Good memory. He’s back now, only he’s dressed exactly like Boss Hogg and he drives a white VW Bug convertible with steer horns on it. I know. It was the 80’s. They don’t do great hamball stuff like that anymore. Anyway, Boss brings in Huey to frame the Dukes once and for all, because Rosco has always failed at doing so. Huey tries, Huey fails, the cycle repeats, and Daisy has to get a prison photo taken. And the VW ends up hanging from a giant magnet with Boss Hogg in it. Also – for no explained reason – this episode was shot in Season 2 but only aired now (Enos is back, as is Daisy’s Plymouth Road Runner). Hijinks ensue.