K&F Show #64: The Great Hazzard Hijack – S3 Episode 20 of the Dukes of Hazzard

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This is a super great episode but what’s most remarkable about it (besides the near moonshot jump of the General lee) may just be that Finnegan’s hour long summary of it. It’s completely awesome. Anyway, here’s the gist of the show: several years ago some hijackers lost some money in Hazzard because they stashed it in a place that later flooded. While Bo and Luke were hooning the General Lee in a river they stumbled upon $1000 big ones. Word spread and it was quickly determined by dirtbike-riding-Baja-bug-driving money chasers across the country that the cash was nearby. The hijackers came back to reclaim it and it turns out that the dude in the Marines that save Luke’s life in Vietnam was one of them. He tells Luke that his hot wife is really his hot sister, gets her to flirt with Luke, cars fly, and wrongs are righted. Daisy fights a chick in this episode, so that’s good too. 9 Corndogs.

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