K&F Show #50: State of the County – S3 Episode 11 of The Dukes of Hazzard – and Welcome Harry’s!

In this monumental of K&F episode we are proud to welcome a very monumental show sponsor – Harry’s Razors. Want to give it a try, and support the show? Claim your FREE TRIAL and go to http://Harrys.com/KAFS right now!

They say to keep your friends close and your enemies even closer. On the flip side of that, sometimes your enemies just want to kill you if you won’t give them your money. In this episode that’s basically the whole plot. Boss Hogg gets pressured by the supreme dictator from a neighboring county who (like Boss Hogg) is also in complete control of every nefarious business action that happens there. Basically, it’s like the mob. Only they respect the county lines of Georgia for some reason. Anyway, the Bad Guy Boss tries to kill the Good Guy Buss by having his handsome hitman Earl come to Hazzard to blow stuff up until the Good Guy Boss relents. Daisy falls in love with Earl on first site and later flips a car to put him in jail. Then the Oak Ridge Boys play a song. The End.