K&F Show #240: The General Lee Returns to TV! Full Review – The Dukes of Hazzard: Reunion!

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Dukes Review: When I heard in 1996 that there was going to be a Dukes reunion I ran out and bought a copy of the National Enquirer. Why? Because pictures of the Dukes filming were in it for some reason? Entertainment Tonight had a segment called “hot rod heaven” with Bo and Luke laying on the hood of the General and talking to each other, and everyone was going to be in it. And then it premiered. And they had a different theme song. And Waylon Jennings wasn’t the balladeer. And they had new sound effects for the General Lee, not to mention the General looked different and goofy. Why are the numbers, pushbar, tailpanel, roll bar all messed up? And the lighting and picture and coloring was weird. And other than Bo, everyone looked older….and maybe not quite as tight and right as they once were, but hey, Dukes is Dukes. Rosco is funny, Jesse is good, Luke is still stronger and faster than everyone, and Bo can still drive. Cleetus returns – which I’m glad to see – Cooter returns from serving in Congress of all things – Daisy…..is getting a PHD and has an affinity for eating ribs.

It’s basically just a two hour regular Dukes episode where the boys have to race the General Lee to save the farm (again), Enos proposes to Daisy and she says yes (again) only to then cancel on him (again), but even a weird episode of the Dukes is better than no Dukes. Plus, this is the one where Corndog’s real General Lee made it’s premier! Bonus info: the first time you see the GL on screen in this episode….is Corndog’s car!

10 Corndogs.

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