K&F Show #87: Archive Pull: Inside Mike’s Life of Roadkill – and the Reason K&F Started

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Rob here. Mike is out this week, and when plans change suddenly it’s time to go with what you know best; a great pull from the archives! This episode features Mike’s first appearance on The Muscle Car Place in 2015 (Episode 254).

I didn’t know Mike very well at the time but asked if he’d be interested in telling his story of the birth of Roadkill for a feature interview – and he said yes! For those of you who want to know how Roadkill happened, why he moved out of California, etc., this is the full sout-to-nuts story. It was a one-in-a-million happenstance set up by the coming switch to digital content, good talent, an early deal from YouTube, and the pure genius of David Freiburger. Listen in to hear how it all happened.

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