K&F Show #72: Like a Phoenix from the Ashes – The Resurrection of “Death Metal: Finnegan’s ’68 Race-Car Charger!

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Well, this is the episode where we never actually got to the Dukes review. Or the movie review. Or the anything review, other than a brief description of the awesome new “Cobra Kai” series on YouTube Red. Why? Because this is the episode where we did the full dig on the resurrection of Finnegan’s ’68 Charger! If you’ll recall, a K&F listener sent me the car on eBay, I sent it to Mike, Mike bought it later that night, my buddy Rodney and I picked it up in Minnesota and then met Mike and his dad with it in Tennessee, and just last week he, Tony Angelo, Daniel Boshears, and a slew of the faithful put Humpty Dumpty back together again to return it to visit it’s original builder, Joe Berry. The problem was, it wasn’t exactly a bone stock ’68 Charger to start with. It was a race car built in 1970 by a farmer, it never turned a lap, and every home brewed trick in the books was used to get it NASCAR legal for an era that still allowed drivers to smoke cigarettes while racing. Listen in to hear Finnegan relive a week of 16 hours days to get the car back on the road – and back to Joe Berry. And if you prefer our standard banter/Hollywood format, not to worry; we’ll be back at it next week!

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