K&F Show #82: Corndog’s Deep Dive of Trivia on the Daisy Duke Vehicles; Roadrunner, Satellite, and CJ-7!

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For those of you that love automotive nerd trivia, rejoice. Corndog is back for another “Deep Dive” episode of Nerd Trivia, this time to discuss the 2 (but actually three) vehicles that were Daisy Duke’s cars. It turns out that Daisy’s first car ever was a real 1974 Plymouth Roadrunner, purchased right off of a used car lot in Atlanta along with several other vehicles that would become famous (including the Boss Hogg Cadillac). Corndog is in the process of replicating this very car now (with the May 1978 Florida inspection sticker and all). A few episodes into the show the ’74 was replaced with a ’71 Satellite….which looks totally different but was given the same paint job. Then halfway through Season 2 it was tossed off of a clip and replaced with a brand new CJ-7 Golden Eagle Jeep for some reason, which she would drive until the end of the show.

Enjoy Nerdlandia!