K&F Show #278: SEMA 2023 Rundown; Movie Review “Cannonball Run 2”

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Phase 3 of Kibbe and Friends is officially here, and Holley is back for more fun, foolishness, and flying orange Chargers!

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K&F Show Summary: 

Note: this is a rebroadcast of our Cannonball Run 2 review from KF Episode 250. Enjoy!

To commemorate our 250th episode we bring you Cannonball Run 2. By today’s standards it’s crass, racist, sexist, and a hilariously offensive automotive escape from reality. Back then though, it just was a crass yet hilarious automotive escape from reality. It stars everyone fun and funny from 1984 as you would expect from Burt Reynolds to Don Knotts to Frank Sinatra. If you liked the first Cannonball Run you’ll love this one….because it’s the same movie. Again. The Rigatoni’s and Fettuccine are in the mob, people pretending to be sheiks only because they have big noses, and John Schneider’s personal Lamborghini Countach makes an appearance with Catherine Bach! The cars are as big as the stars and they do what cars do best: slide and fly. This movie was hated by Siskel and Ebert because they hated movies that don’t make you think. But we don’t need to think. We never did. 10-Stars.

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