K&F Show #76: The Independence Day Grab-Bag Show; Emails, General Lee Paint Codes, and Skynet is Real

Happy Independence Day! Consider this the first round of cheap fireworks for your celebration enjoyment. And with that segway established…here’s the plug. This episode is powered by you! We’re all in on Patreon support and have dropped the regular ads. We have $1, $2, $5, and now $10 monthly options available – or you can just do something of your own choosing too. In addition to our undying love, Patreon supporters will receive an exclusive once-per-month Q&A show with us too! If you sign up now you can go get the back Patreon-only shows too. Thank you, thank you!

For those of you that like the witty banter more than the Dukes or Move reviews, you are in luck: this episode is all banter! Due to filming schedules, political strife, and a lack of flux in our capacitor, we were unable to get the Dukes episode thoroughly prepped for your enjoyment in time for this one (i.e. Finnegan didn’t have time to watch it yet). Don’t worry – we’ll get it on the next one. Also, for all if you who came to see me (Kibbe) at the Des Moines, IA Good Guys Heartland Nationals car show, thank you! Have a Happy 4th!

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