TMCP #571: Jono Shaw, Hemmings Gets Into The Auction Business And Makes It Easy To Get The Car You Want With Frictionless Marketplace

This week I spoke to Jono Shaw, President of Hemmings Motor News, to find out more about the new buying service called the “Frictionless Marketplace.” For anyone who has bought a car online sight unseen it can be a little unnerving when you “win” the auction and are then left to figure out how to get the car legally, safely, and paid for without the fear of getting completely ripped off. To put it bluntly, this service is meant to put some teeth to the “wild-west” that has become common in buying a car line and put Hemmings into the mix to prevent the possibility of fraud.

Buying and Selling Muscle Cars at Auction – the January 2010 Guide

Since January is here it is not only the start to a new year – it’s the start to a new auction season!  January has traditionally been “auction heaven” when it comes to collector cars, and the last ten years have been incredible for muscle cars!  Arizona in particular is a hub of automotive auctions […]