Welcome to our FAQ Page!

We’ll try to address a few of the common questions that arise here directly.  If you don’t see your question answered below, feel free to e-mail us directly at support@themusclecarplace.com.

Don’t forget, we offer a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on all individual classifieds listings!

Ah – the million dollar question!  Since this is the most asked (and most important) question asked of us, we have and entire post about it here.

Absolutely.   We offer several Dealer Membership packages based on the number of cars you wish to advertise concurrently in both monthly and annual (our best value) versions.  Memberships offer the best value available on our site for those wishing to list more than 3 vehicles at any one time.

Review our Dealer Membership page for more details, and then contact us directly at sales@themusclecarplace.com for our ad rate card and description listing!  To make life easier for you, upon initiating your dealer membership we will migrate in your entire current inventory for you….FOR FREE!

Contact us at sales@themusclecarplace.com or call 1-866-356-7261 Extension 1 for details!

While we’d love to purchase as many muscle cars as possible, The MuscleCar Place does not purchase muscle cars for the purpose of resale.  That being said, we have extensive relationships with all of the dealer’s that list here, and most of those dealer’s are always interested in purchasing.  We’d be happy to pass on your car information to one of the dealer’s we work with at any time!  E-mail support@themusclecarplace.com with the following details:

  • Your Name
  • Your E-mail Address
  • Your Phone Number
  • Description of car (Make, Model, Year, Background of car, etc.)

Individual ads run for 365 days while Dealer Membership purchased ads run for an unlimited amount of time.  You may cancel your ad after your car sells by contacting us to remove it.

We do offer consignment!  Contact us today at consign@themusclecarplace.com and give us the details on your car!  We’ll let you know if your car is one we can take on and discuss our rates with you.

Absolutely.  If there is one thing we like doing, it’s helping muscle cars and rich, great looking, busy people make each others acquaintance.  Contact us at musclecarfinder@themusclecarplace.com for rates and details.

The second million dollar question(s) asked so far.  We define muscle cars as:

  1. An American Make/Model that was created as a factory high performance car
  2. Front Engine
  3. Rear Wheel Drive
  4. Typically the 1960’s and ’70’s era (though we do allow more modern muscle cars).
  5. Though they’re “technically” sports cars, Corvette’s and all Shelby Cobra’s and GT40’s  are welcome here!

Hint: If you see your muscle car of choice listed on our Make and Model page, you’re in!

Sure thing.  Though our main target will be that of 60’s and 70’s American muscle cars, those of you with Camaro’s, Mustangs, GNX’s, Corvette’s, etc. that are newer may surely participate.  Hang on to those things – they’ll be called ‘classics’ soon enough!