K&F Show #266: Kowalski, First and Last; Our Full Review of Vanishing Point (1971) with Greg Hagemann!!

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KF Show Summary: If there is a car movie more cultish than the original 1971 film “Vanishing Point,” we don’t know about it. This is the movie that listeners have requested we review for years and for absolutely no reason it’s just never happened. Until now. With the recent passing of Kowalski himself (actor Barry Newman) we decided the time had come to give it it’s due. The thing is, of our trio none of us was really a hard core fanatic of the movie. We all had seen it at least once, but that was about it. Thankfully Greg Hagemann, our expert from the KF Patreon gang, stepped up to help…..and then just took over so we wouldn’t screw it up. He knew the movie inside and out and was armed with facts for days about the artistic side of the movie as well as the nerdy automotive side. He even owns and drives a “modern” Kowalski Challenger to back up his street cred. 10 Dogs.

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TMCP #518: Pro-Touring Update with Larry Callahan: UMI King of the Mountain, Good Guys Fall Events, and a New Garage Studio: Moparty Sneek Peek – Vanishing Point Challenger and Hemi Gen III ’65 Coronet

This episode has everything! First up, a Pro-Touring Update with Larry Callahan complete with a recap fro UMI King of the Mountain, a look at upcoming Good Guys Fall Events, and a New Garage Studio for Larry! Also included, a Moparty Sneek Peek – Vanishing Point Challenger and Hemi Gen III ’65 Coronet.