TMCP #554: Ask Rick – Whats The Big Deal About SEMA? – UAW Strike, The Real Flaw In The System – Henry Ford “X” Engine – Listener Questions – Cars Picks of the Week

It is now October so be on the lookout for ghosts and ghouls at Halloween. This is time for costume parties, trick or treating, and another riveting Ask Rick segment were I ask him the tough questions that not everyone wants to hear! As always Rick delivers sage advice and wisdom founded in years of buying and selling classic vehicles. In this episode we waded into the topics spanning from “how do I store my classic vehicle” all the way to “how do we fix our broken governmental system.” As always the answers are entertaining, polarizing, and sometimes surprising.

TMCP #550: Live From RoadKill Nights 2023: Special Feature – Talking to the Dodge Boys While Drag Racing On The Streets Of Woodward Ave In Pontiac Michigan

Live From RoadKill Nights 2023: Special Feature! Scotty Stap was onsite to talk to the OEM Dodge Boys While Drag Racing On The Streets Of Woodward Ave In Pontiac Michigan. This special feature episode on The Muscle Car Place is brought to you live from the streets of Pontiac Michigan. We were road side at Woodard Avenue where they closed the road and setup a drag strip for the event called RoadKill Nights. Every year RoadKill nights brings action, excitement, and new automotive experiences to Michigan (and other midwestern states) automotive enthusiasts. This year was no exception!

The main difference in the event this year was that they moved  North from its typical M1 Concourse location up to one block off from Downtown Pontiac. The car show was actually held on the streets of the famous southern Michigan town. This made the main event area a little tight and the Thrill Ride cars were ALWAYS sideways. As a result the ride itself was shorter but it was still a great event for 2023.

Our on the scene reporter Scott Stap was lucky enough to catch up with some old friends from Dodge and Stellantis who were on the “inside” track of all of the outgoing Chargers and Challengers. He also got some insight on the new Charger (electric) to come. That said, this was the final chance to talk about Dodge’s outgoing Last Call vehicles.Enjoy!

TMCP #515: Live from Roadkill Nights 2022: Special Feature – Jeff Gale Dodge Chief Interior Designer, Justin Chizek Dodge Brand Manager, Kyumin Oh Durango Brand Manager, Herman Young Demonology

Welcome to Part 2 of our 2022 Dodge Reveals and Roadkill Nights coverage! We had so many great opportunities to speak with Dodge insiders that a second *Bonus* show was required to fit it all in. As with Episode 514, if you love inside OEM info on Dodge cars and marketing, this episode will leave you a little mind blown. Dodge insiders from the marketing brands and vehicle designers give great information about upcoming models as well as hints about what the future could bring. This episode is capped off with Herman Young, Dodge Demon drag racer and YouTuber. For people that want drag racing setup insight, listen twice!

TMCP #496: Bob Broderdorf – Dodge Is Looking For A Chief Donut Maker…And It Might Be YOU!

Our guest this week is Bob Broderdorf. Bob is the Director of North American Dodge Operations and an all around Mopar performance guy! Dodge has been sharing and promoting the “Never Lift” campaign where over 24 months they will show where the brand is headed and why it is great to be a Dodge fan. In this interview he’ll give the details on what it is, how it works, and how you can get HIRED for a one year gig with a huge paycheck, a Hellcat to drive, and all the Dodge events you could swing a stick at!

Daytona 500 Movie Prep: Talladega Nights! Note: In prep for the upcoming Daytona 500 we are including a rebroadcast of our review of the movie Talladega Nights. This was originally presented in Episode 120 of the Kibbe and Friends Show.