Help Kibbe and Finnegan Get the Attention of Coca Cola!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Thanks to all of you who have faithfully been fans of The MuscleCar Place podcast. You have tagged along on this crazy ride for many years. Today I am trying to get some Luck o’the Irish and get a big sponsor for the Kibbe and Finnegan show. Mike and I would […]

K&F Show #21: Granny Annie – S2 Episode 10 of The Dukes of Hazzard!

The Dukes accidentally receive counterfeit $5 bills from local amazing artist “Granny Annie” who was producing them for herself to avoid the need to get her monthly welfare check. Boss Hogg somehow gets involved and sells the engraving plates to make the fakeroo $5’s to a reall really bad guy. The problem? Boss didn’t actually have the plates, because the Dukes stole them back after Rosco stole them from them in order to protect Granny Annie who promised she’d never do it again (it’s complicated – it took me forever just to figure out how to write that). When the bad guy decides to kill Boss though, Rosco asks the Dukes to come to his rescue…and they do! This is the episode that proves the bad guys aren’t really the bad guys and helping your neighbor is the best way to live. The General jumps a moving train. Hijinks ensue.

K&F Show #20: Witness for the Persecution – S2 Episode 9 of The Dukes of Hazzard!

The Dukes do a favor for the Federal Government by housing and protecting Boss Hogg….from the Mob? Yes indeed. Boss has information to testify against somebody for some reason, that person is really really bad, and the Dukes spend the entire episode pampering him and protecting him from two very serious hitmen that attempt to kill everyone and their mother with sniper rifles. Somehow Boss also ends up in bed with Daisy, after a long scene of her spent undressing (seriously – it’s at the 21:20 mark of the show). Cooter drinks moonshine and eats donuts for breakfast. The General makes a famous jump. Hijinks ensue.

K&F Show #19: Hazzard Connection – S2 Episode 8 of The Dukes of Hazzard!

Since they’re lousy at making money farming, Bo and Luke take a side job delivering crash-up-derby cars to a local race promoter. The catch? He’s cooked, and somehow the Dukes will be mistakenly blamed for whatever bad is about to happen. I know. It’s mind blowing. Anyway, they figure out he’s smuggling stolen racing engines out in old smashed up cars so they continue working with him until they can catch up with the goods. Bo has to demo derby the General against a “slammer” car. The bad guy wears an ascot like Fred on Scooby Doo. Hijinks ensue.

K&F Show #17: The Ghost of General Lee – S2 Episode 6 of The Dukes of Hazzard….and RIP Carrie Fischer!

Bo and Luke – for some reason – decide to get naked and go swimming in a pond together, leaving their clothing and keys in the General Lee. Shockingly enough, bad guys steal it. Rosco and Enos chase them (thinking they are the Dukes) but the General ends up jumping into a lake, and Rosco and Enos are convinced (and mortified) that they are dead. The entire town weeps (and it’s a serious tear jerker – this episode may have the best acting ever done in the history of The Dukes of Hazzard). Boss decides to cash in on their death and claim they stole things from him. The boys (not being dead) retaliate by ,making Rosco think that both they – and the General Lee – have come back from the dead to haunt him. Hijinks ensue.