K&F Show #173: KF Year In Review, Christmas 2020; Dukes of Hazzard S3E9 Review “The Great Santa Claus Chase”

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2020 Year In Review: Who Died, What We Did, and Bernie Finally Got Those New Bowels.

Pop Culture: Are Santa’s reindeer female? Science says “Yes.” We say…..Neigh!

Dukes Review: This is a revisit back to K&F Show #15 with Finnegan, and a “re-review” of the ONLY Dukes of Hazzard Christmas episode! This one has everything you would hope of an 1980 Christmas show….hijinks, forgiveness, Christmas hymns, flying cars, flying reindeer,  Little Charlie Dickens, and 6 Santa Clauses. It’s wonderful! 10 Corndogs.

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TMCP #307: The Christmas Show: Our 8th Annual Feature Interview with Santa Claus Himself!

For our final show of the year we had the great pleasure of having on an annual celebrity guest. Our interview was with the big man himself, Père Noël, Kris Kringle, Father Christmas, or otherwise known as, Santa Claus! I’ve had more than a few people wonder how (or perhaps why) we get Santa onto the show each year, and this year proved to be the most interesting setup of all. I am not sure if I stayed on the nice list by the end of the interview as Nick seemed to be a little distracted by all of the holiday activities he is involved with lately.

The MuscleCar Place Podcast – Episode #67 – Santa Claus is Back!

Click HERE to download the podcast show in iTunes! Feature Segment This week’s guest is a man that needs no introduction. Many know his as Father Christmas, Old Saint Nick, Pere Noel, of something like that, but we’ll call him the name we know best, Santa Claus.  Santa was on the show last year, and […]