K&F Show #235: The Beginning Before the End! Rebroadcast with Finnegan – Dukes of Hazzard Review S1E11 “One Armed Bandits””

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Dukes Review: KF friends, we are on the dawn of reviewing the final episode of the Dukes of Hazzard. We knew this day would come. The Dukes of Hazzard changed SIGNIFICANTLY over the course of 7 seasons, and so has the Kibbe and Friends show! Accordingly, and because we needed a bonus show this week anyway, here is a look back on our very edition of the KF first show – and first review of the first sever Dukes of Hazzard episode, One Armed Bandits. It’s corny, it’s weird, and it’s way different than how it it all wrapped up. Same as the KF Show. KF Show Phase 3 begins in October 2022!

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TMCP #353: Nathan Warren of Warren Customs – Taking my General Lee Clone to “Screen Correct” Configuration; “Ask Rick’s” Trip to Amelia Island!

This weeks interview is with a Nathan Warren of Warren Customs in Hamilton, Alabama. As you may have heard, I recently purchased a 1969 General Lee clone! Nathan heard about this and reached out to offer his services on the car, specifically with the minor body and interior modifications I wanted to make in regards to making the General appear as it did in Season 3 of the Dukes of Hazzard TV Show. Basically, like me, Nathan’s a total Dukes of Hazzard geek!

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K&F Show #59: By-Line, Daisy Duke – S3 Episode 17 of the Dukes of Hazzard

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DUKES REVIEW: This Dukes episode is the classic tale that’s as old as time itself; predatory lending, tractor thieving, and media manipulation done by powerful people with their own agenda. Other than the tractor part this could basically be the news in every city every day – so real world lessons here! Anyway, Boss has tractors stolen from people he lent money to to buy them, primarily because the original loans were at a low interest rate. Stick with me here. His evil, devious, yet genius plan was to get people the come to him for new loans on new tractors – which would now happen at the new higher interest rates – and allow him to resell them back their SAME tractors. Even more evil brilliant was the fact that he tricked Daisy Duke into falsely reporting to the media that Bo and Luke were behind it, complete with photo evidence. Never trust what you read in the news, kids. The General goes swimming in this one, so that’s cool. Don’t remember many jumps though. 8 Corndogs.

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K&F Show #40: Our Review of Keanu Reeves in “The Replacements”…..and We Have Sweet New Shirts!

We took a quick break from the Dukes to do a movie review, this time choosing “The Replacements” – the awesome 2000 movie starring Gene Hackman, Keanu Reeves, Jon Favreau, and a number of other greats – including Roy from “The Office” (I forget his name – the guy that was Pam’s boyfriend before Jim Halpert). This movie is the story we all want; a chance to live up to the potential of something that we loved from our youth and maybe came close to achieving, but for whatever reason failed at, or it fizzled out, or it just ended for reasons we couldn’t control. Keanu is honestly pretty good as a south-paw quarterback and it’s a great movie full of inspirational one-liners you’ll love to quote. Here’s one for you: “Pain heals, Chicks Dig Scars, and Glory Lasts Forever.” K&F Show Rating: 8 Corndogs

K&F Show #36: Our Review of Hal Needham’s Epic Fable: “Megaforce”

So…we’re in between Dukes of Hazzard seasons and decided to throw in another movie review to take a brief Dukes of Hazzard break. Finnegan suggested (more like insisted) that it be Megafoce, the 1982 epic movie that Hal Needham directed and starred in. Here’s the good news: the movie has lots of crazy vehicles, a few funny lines, and stars Edward Mulhare who would go on to play “Devon Miles” from Knight Rider. Here’s the bad news: there’s really no other good news of note. The movie ends with a flying motorcycle on a green screen, and Barry Bostick wears a spandex (or lycra?) suit with no regards for underwear. Finnegan gives it 8 lazer-guided corndogs. Kibbe gives is a generous 3. Hijinks Ensue.

K&F Show #33: Mason Dixon’s Girls – S2 Episode 21 of The Dukes of Hazzard!

Bo and Luke accidentally receive (and get caught with) the most heinous and immoral drug known to man in February of 1980: marijuana! An RV-living, motorbike riding, Trans Am convertible racing super stud detective named “Mason Dixon” is called in to chase them down and break up their drug ring…and he brings his two amazingly hot “associates” along who are the brains and the muscle of the operation. They all team up to catch the REAL bad guys in pure ham-bone car crashing fashion. This episode is one that you’ll want to watch, over and over, and over again, because it was meant to the the intro for a spinoff TV series that never came to be. Hang-gliders glide, cars slide and slide, and ladies butts are patted for a job well done (it was 1980 – still legal then, I guess). Hijinks ensue.

K&F Show #28: Officer Daisy Duke – S2 Episode 17 of The Dukes of Hazzard!

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This is classic “Hatfield-goes-to-work-for-the McCoy’s” tale. Daisy gets fired from the Boars Nest when asking for a raise. Luckily for her, at that exact time the state of Georgia just put in place an equal rights memorandum that puts Boss in need of hiring a female police officer. You can see where this is going. Boss tries to frustrate her by having her do lowly “women’s work”, she then solves the big crime anyway and catches the bad guys, and it turns out she is a better cop than Rosco and Enos combined. Then she goes back to selling beer because the tip money of people looking at her legs is stellar. Not enough General Lee in here for our tastes, but it’s good anyway. Hijinks ensue.

K&F Show #22: People’s Choice – S2 Episode 11 of The Dukes of Hazzard!

RED ALERT: We need your help to get the attention of Coca Cola…our dream sponsor!

Dukes Review: A long lost formerly gawky but now super-hot friend of the Dukes returns to Hazzard to run against Boss Hogg as the “Supervisory Administrator” of Hazzard. Why? Because her father was cheated out of the job in the past by Boss Hogg. Really though, who cares because we just need an excuse to get the General Lee into the air. Anyway, in this landmark episode Boss Hogg realizes that the job of Supervisory Administrator includes being the Dukes probation officer, something he didn’t even realize he was (nor did they). The Dukes commit an FCC violation helping the gawky-but-now-hotty chick run her campaign. She wins and will never be mentioned again throughout the remainder of the TV series. Luckily for her she’ll go on in life to star on the Love Boat. Hijinks ensue.

K&F Show #18: Dukes Meet Cale Yarborough – S2 Episode 7 of The Dukes of Hazzard!

Bo and Luke completely and accidentally run into NASCAR superstar Cale Yarborough while he is testing a turbocharger for an upcoming NASCAR race. To suspend reality further, Cale’s test car is a white 1969 Dodge Charger wearing the 10-spoke Turbine style wheels that the General wears (which looks suspiciously like the car from the show we covered in Episode 17). Even zanier, is that upon meeting the Dukes he gives them the chance to test drive the car, fix his mechanical mistakes with it, and then fend off his mysterious NASCAR enemies The Jethro Brothers from stealing the unusable-in-NASCAR-but-they-want-it-anyway turbocharger for their own race car. To cap things off, the Dukes escape from Boss, Rosco, Enos, and the bad guys simultaneously by using the confusion tactics of having two other Chargers painted up like the General, thereby giving all bad guys a different one to chase. Hijinks ensue.

K&F Show #17: The Ghost of General Lee – S2 Episode 6 of The Dukes of Hazzard….and RIP Carrie Fischer!

Bo and Luke – for some reason – decide to get naked and go swimming in a pond together, leaving their clothing and keys in the General Lee. Shockingly enough, bad guys steal it. Rosco and Enos chase them (thinking they are the Dukes) but the General ends up jumping into a lake, and Rosco and Enos are convinced (and mortified) that they are dead. The entire town weeps (and it’s a serious tear jerker – this episode may have the best acting ever done in the history of The Dukes of Hazzard). Boss decides to cash in on their death and claim they stole things from him. The boys (not being dead) retaliate by ,making Rosco think that both they – and the General Lee – have come back from the dead to haunt him. Hijinks ensue.