TMCP #453: Happy New Year 2021! 10 Years of TMCP Full Time; Ask Rick, The REAL Start of NPD

2021 is now here! This week in particular marks my 10 year anniversary if leaving the corporate world behind to chase some crazy new dreams. While I can’t say it went exactly to plan, I CAN say that I wouldn’t change any second of it. The friends, the adventures, and the experiences have been overwhelming. Thank YOU! I tried my best to share the good, bad, and ugly of that very first week in business (i.e. it was a massive failure). 10 years later, I’m a little older, balder, and wiser.  My hope is that what I shared in this episode will be a big help to those of you in the automotive business of your choosing, no matter what that is. 

TMCP #444: Holley MOPARTY 2020 Special #1 – YouTube Sensation Dylan McCool and “Mr Norm” Kraus, The Biggest MOPAR Dealer Ever; Ask Rick – The Return of Events in 2021

Feature Guests from MOPARTY: YouTube Sensation Dylan McCool and the World Famous “Mr. Norm!” This week is the first of several interviews from the first ever Holley “MOPARTY” event held in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Friend of the show (and Holley marketing superstar) Blane Burnett was able to line us up with some great interviews at the event with some famous people. MOPAR lovers young and old will recognize the names of many of our guests. Since SEMA was a no go this year, I was determined to make the Holley MOPARTY a better than fitting replacement to our yearly special segments live from the event.